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Custom Corporate & Group Training

BWI's offers a range of Customized Courses,
Seminars, and Lectures for Corporations,
Agencies, Groups, & Individuals.

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"Excellent Knowledge to be gained if you work in remote areas and have a chance of being stuck."
— Participant from a Customized Wilderness Survival Winter Field Session [Taught at N58° W103°]

Custom Survival & Navigation Training

The Finest Wilderness Survival & Navigation Training
"Practical Knowledge of the trainer and real examples and training aids."
— Participant from a Customized Wilderness Survival Core Seminar
Safety Oriented Wilderness Training Expertly Taught Wilderness Navigation Training Modern Wilderness Survival Training

The Boreal Wilderness Institute specializes in offering a range of customized courses, seminars, and lectures for corporations, agencies, groups, and individuals. We specialize in providing all types of field workers with practical common sense training that will allow them to live and work safer in the Canadian Wilderness. BWI's instructional staff regularly tailor its easily customizable programmes in Modern Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Navigation, and the Global Positioning System Training to meet your staffs schedules and level of training.

"...the simplicity of language and explanations..."
— Participant from a Customized Wilderness Navigation Course

BWI has provided expert instruction in Modern Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Navigation, and the Global Positioning System for dozens of groups since our founding in 1994. This has included; Alberta Environment, Alberta Research Council, AREVA Resources, Aurora College, Canadian Coast Guard, Canada Publics Works, Environment Canada, Golder Associates, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Saskatchewan Environment, and many other groups and corporations.

Corporate & Group Training

Over 15 years of Custom Outdoor Training in Canada
"Very practical."
— Participant from a Customized Aviation Survival Core Seminar
Custom Wilderness Survival Training GPS Integrated Wilderness Navigation Training Quality Winter Survival Training

BWI can teach its seminars in its custom built classroom in Edmonton or anywhere you would like one or more of our instructors to travel. We regularly teach throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northern Canada. BWI will make its courses fit your needs and schedule. Take advantage of the most professional, best trained, and knowledge instructional staff in Western Canada. Don’t sell your organization short by excepting poorly trained local instructors and ad hoc presentations. BWI can provide made to measure course packages specific to your staff or client needs.

"I liked the variety of material covered — pretty through."
— Participant from a Customized Wilderness Survival Core Seminar

Our staff can meet with you in person or online at your convenience to discuss your specific needs and an implementation timetable. If you want to expand the wilderness safety skills and knowledge of your team, we can help make it happen.

"Very Informative, Take the Course."
— Participant from a Customized Wilderness Survival Winter Field Session
A Proper Wilderness Survival Camp

Our Outdoor Education Training Scope & Instructor Development Programme

The Boreal Wilderness Institute (BWI) are experts at providing World Class Training in Modern Wilderness Survival in cold climates and Wilderness Navigation. BWI provides a variety of Custom Training sessions including: Private Instructional Seminars, Multi-Hour Seminars, Half-Day Seminars, 1-Day Courses, Multi-Day Courses, Expedition Length Courses, Private and Group Guiding. We offer an Wilderness Instructor Development Programme which can be specifically tailored to your needs and experience level.

BWI provides private instruction in igloo building, snow cave construction, canoe tripping, winter or summer mountain travel, wilderness living skills, primitive living skills, avalanche awareness, bear awareness, no-trace camping, and expedition planning. BWI offers custom guided trips and expeditions from 2 to 120 days long throughout Western and Northern Canada. BWI would also be happy to help you out with your logistical and planning problems involving trips or expeditions. We have the expertise, make use of it.

"I really liked the Bushwhacking..."
— Participant from a Customized Mountain Trekking Course

Custom Corporate & Group Training Booking Information

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