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"Learning is Not Compulsory...Neither is Survival." — W. Edwards Deming

BWI is Dedicated to Ongoing Research into Wilderness Survival Training, Cold Weather Travel, and Cold Weather Survival Equipment. Due diligence should occur before your travel into the wilderness. Lack of diligence often causes a rather Darwinian ending to a Survival Situation. The knowledge is here, grasp it, but remember you must practice in the wilderness in a controlled situation to really have a chance to master survival skills before a real survival situation.

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Make Your Own Tinder ⁄ Fire Starter

This year's when I made my supply of Tinder ⁄ Fire Lighting I took some pictures so everyone can see the process. This Tinder is made from Paraffin Wax, Kerosene, and Cotton Balls. I believe it is the Most Effective Manufactured Tinder ⁄ Firestarter that you can useEntire Article
Posted: 1st November 2016

Wilderness Navigator's Tool Belt

If a carpenter arrived at your Home to do renovations with only a hammer in his tool belt you would be scared that you had hired an amateur, because real carpenters have many tools in their tool belts. It is interesting that so many “expert wilderness navigators” wander into the wilderness with either no tools or only one tool in…Entire Article
Posted: 20th October 2015

The Survival Legacy of Christopher McCandless

It is very interesting how someone I have never met and really only have a few things in common with can shadow my life and professional career in so many different ways. That individual is Christopher McCandless. He has been dead for over 20 years, but he died just as I immersed myself into the business of teaching wilderness survival …Entire Article
Posted: 2nd April 2015

Why Proper Navigation Training is Necessary

Many People find Learning to use the Navigator’s Toolbelt (Magnetic Compass, Topographical Map, and a GPS Receiver) a Complex Undertaking, Especially without Proper Instruction. Unfortunately this means that many people travel into the wilderness without Training. Wilderness Navigation is an easy and straightforward …Entire Article
Updated: 16th February 2015

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