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At the Boreal Wilderness Institute (BWI) we are always Happy to Hear from You. We Appreciate Your Comments on our Courses, any Survival or Navigation Stories you may have, and Suggestions for other Training we could offer in the Future. If you have any Questions, Comments or Suggestion Please Contact Us. You can Register for a Course by visiting the individual course page, e-mail or phone.

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#202 7205 Roper Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
N 53° 29' 35.6" W 113° 26' 20.0"[NAD83] or 12U UE3821129909 [NAD83]
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Boreal Wilderness Institute Classroom, #202 7205 Roper Road BWI Classroom Door, Buzzer on Right

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PO Box 76090
Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada, T6H 5Y7