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"Learning is Not Compulsory...Neither is Survival." — W. Edwards Deming

BWI is Dedicated to Ongoing Research into Wilderness Survival Training, Cold Weather Travel, and Cold Weather Survival Equipment. Due diligence should occur before your travel into the wilderness. Lack of diligence often causes a rather Darwinian ending to a Survival Situation. The knowledge is here, grasp it, but remember you must practice in the wilderness in a controlled situation to really have a chance to master survival skills before a real survival situation.

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Are you Betting on an Elk Attack in Alberta?

Over the last decade, I have read several poorly written articles about wildlife encounters and attacks. Most contain little practical information. Many are clickbait designed to attract individuals…Entire Article
Posted: 11th April 2023

Survival Skills for a 100 Days

In this video Bruce Zawalsky talks about “Survival Skills for a 100 Days” and how to understand the jigsaw of skills needed to live through into the long term…Video and Transcript
Posted: 8th March 2023

Breakdown of Survival Situations

How we break down or categorize survival situations is important to help in our understanding of survival. We break down survival situations to categorize and study them more.…Entire Article
Updated: 22nd November 2022

15 Critical Survival Items

The 15 Critical Survival Items is a list of Survival Equipment that can help your survival in the Canadian Wilderness. The more quality Critical Items you Carry the easier time you will have Surviving…Entire Article
Updated: 12th March 2021

Explorations Odyssey: “Life of a River Expedition”

Thirty years ago as a student at the University of Alberta, I participated in a life-changing 90-day canoe expedition. It is an excellent example of how to succeed in wilderness canoe tripping. Sadly with ninety days of canoeing I have no drama or harrowing adventures to tell you about, because we did it right. This expedition …Entire Article
Posted: 20th September 2019

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