Wilderness Resource Library

Information on Wilderness Survival, Navigation, & Travel in Canada

Recommended Resources

Survival Training

Modern Wilderness Survival Training is Designed to Keep You Alive when Temporarily Stranded in the Wilderness. It can Help to Eliminate most Potentially Life Threatening Wilderness Survival Situations…Wilderness Survival Training Resource.

Navigation Training

Resources related to Wilderness Navigation Training and Orienteering. Included here are Romers, Routecards, & Maps available for Download…Wilderness Navigation & Orienteering Resource.

Outdoor Clubs Presentation & Resources

BWI's offers a Variety of Presentation Designed to Held during an Evening Club Meeting. We also offer Club Discounts and Custom Courses…Outdoor Clubs & Volunteer Trail Organization Resources

First Aid Training

Wilderness First Aid Training is a Fundamental Wilderness Skill. First Aid Training is a Life Saving Skill, but Wilderness First Aid Teaches you about the World Beyond the 1-Hour to Hospital Tether…Wilderness First Aid Training Resource.

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