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Wilderness Living and Modern Wilderness Survival Training

"Learning is Not Compulsory…Neither is Survival"
— W. Edwards Deming
Lighting a Fire with a Striker Cooking Tripod & Fire beside a Shelter

Wilderness Survival Resources

Canadian Wilderness Skills Gatherings

Canada has fewer Wilderness Skills Gatherings than the UK or US, but the one we do have are top notch. Canada is also playing host to the Global Bushcraft Symposium on June 10-14, 2019. This is a once in a decade meeting of the best athering of Survival & Bushcraft Instructors, Practitioners and Enthusiasts in the northern hemisphere. Don't miss this event, guaranteed to expand your knowledge of Wilderness Living.

Modern Wilderness Survival Resources

Modern Wilderness Survival Training is basic simple survival training designed to keep you alive when temporarily trapped in the wilderness. STOP [Stop, Think, Orient, and Plan] may be a basic wilderness survival adage, but it also why you need to take proper Modern Wilderness Survival Training. If you do not know enough about survival: STOP, THINK about what specific training you might require. ORIENT yourself to what training and resources are available. Then PLAN to take the specific training you actually require. Primitive technology courses while often very interesting teach many impractical skills not readily usable in most survival situation. Why learn skills that will have no real application in a wilderness survival situation?

Survival Kits

Survival Kits are something we hear about all the time. They are a really a two edged sword. On one hand they are a handy thing to carry around with you. On the other hand if you start with the container and build in what fits, they are often without the proper Critical Items you really need to survive in the wilderness. A good kit is built from the critical items up, not the container down.

Wilderness Survival Forums

There are many Wilderness Survival Forums on the internet. Each with their own flavour and membership. There is much to learn by talking about and sharing ideas from a diverse group of individuals all interested in the topic of Wilderness Survival. These discussions lead to greater levels of education and general dissemination of critical survival knowledge.

Survival Schools

Notable Modern Wilderness Survival Schools

When traveling into the Canadian Wilderness proper planning and preparation are required. This includes learning the proper skills and knowing what equipment you need to take with you that will save your life. Modern Wilderness Survival Training is a solid component of a proper Wilderness Travel Safety Programme and can help to eliminate most potentially life threatening wilderness survival situations.