Survival Immediate Actions Could Save your Life

Survival Camp with Fire

Survival Immediate Actions (IA's) are a simple way of dealing with a Survival Situation in a Well-Organized Manner. Survival IA's are meant to be a Series of Easy to Memorize Steps that you can Followed in Times of Crisis. They allow you to Organize your Mind and Fight off Boredom and Fear. They willl not apply to every Survival Situation, but they will help out in many and be a live saver in a few.

Survival IA's:

  1. Treat Casualties
  2. Optimistically Analyze your Situation
  3. Recall what you know, your Mitigative Learning
  4. Inventory all Useful Materials and Equipment
  5. Plan a Positive Solution to your Situation and set Priorities, No one can set you Priorities for you, each individual Survival Situation dictates your Priorities, Example Priorities:
    • First Aid
    • Warmth or Fire
    • Shelter
    • Water
    • Signals
    • Additional Clothing or Insulation
    • Sleep
  6. Boldly Implement this Positive Solution
  7. Keep Busy, Do not allow the Boredom or Fear to set in
  8. Stay Put, Don't be a Moving Target
  9. Reevaluate your Plan as necessary and implement a "Brainstorming Session" if you are in a Group

The Survival IA's are not for everyone, many people do not like to memorize lists. If you are like that, look at the list and find the underling factors in it and memorize the concept behind the idea, not the list itself. Having a positive attitude at all times, using your built up knowledge base, improvising wherever possible, and remembering that you must set priorities based on your bodies physiological needs are essential to a good plan and your medium and long term survival.

Your key to survival, especially over the medium and long term is good leadership, perseverance, and your will to live in spite of the conditions and situation. The Survival IA's by no means cover all situations, but they are a good guide for most survival situation you may face in the future. Modify, change and alter them as the Situation Dictates.

Article by (, Updated 6th March 2016)
Chief Instructor of the Boreal Wilderness Institute