BWI's FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions about our Courses

Payment FAQ's

How Do I Pay Course Fees?

Each course page contains its own Registration Button, Simply register using the button or Email us if you have any problems using our PayPal Registration System.

General FAQ's

Are we Back in the Classroom?

We are back teaching our Professional Instructor-Led Training in our classroom or other locations as contracted. We also provide Online training for courses that individuals, groups and corporations may want to reduce travel costs or for safety reasons. Our Survival Core Seminar is staying online because frankly it simply turned out better online. The presentation no longer seems rushed. It fully integrates field videos and graphics that explain and teach the essential points of the course far better than our classroom version ever did. It also reduces travel time for participants outside of Edmonton taking further field survival training.

Where is the Classroom & Resource Center Located?

#202 7205 Roper Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [N 53° 29' 35.6" W 113° 26' 20.0", NAD83 or 12U UE 3821129909, NAD83] Classroom Location on Google™ Maps.

Where Do We Teach Our Courses & Seminars?

Boreal Wilderness Institute Teaches throughout Western and Northern Canada. We regularly teach Groups in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. As well as running Scheduled Classes for groups and individuals in Edmonton, Alberta, various Central Alberta locations and near Boswell, British Columbia.

Do We Answer our Phone, E-mail or Course Registrations Immediately?

No; We actually spend a lot of the time in the wilderness. This should be expected of professional wilderness survival and wilderness navigation instructors. Please be patient as we may be sitting around a campfire a long way from the sound of ringing cellphones or a working internet connection when you actually register. We normally can confirm a registration within 5 business days. Sorry for any delays, but we will get to it promptly when we return from our latest wilderness trip.

Custom Group and Corporate Course Costs

Our group and corporate course rates are reasonable and competitive. Full-day instruction is between $650 and $800 (CAD) per day. Half-day instruction is $550 (CAD). Running two half-day courses on the same day in one location will reduce the cost of the second course to $275 (CAD). Adding to the instructional staff will add to the per-day rate.

Other expenses, i.e. Course Manuals, Certification Cards, Course Material Fee, Airfare or Mileage (@ Federal Rates, presently $0.61/Km in Alberta), meals ($75 per Diem) and other reasonable travel costs will be charged as appropriate. Note we do not charge travel expense unless outside a 50 km range of Edmonton, Alberta. We will always give you a specific quote. We work directly with our clients before quoting to ensure fairness and the elimination of hidden costs.

See our Group & Corporate Rate Sheet for more information on cost and booking of Custom Group & Corporate Courses.

What Does Vera Doctrina Avium Mean?

A Real Outdoor Education or more correctly a “A True or Proper Education in the Wilderness with Direction.” For those few Latin scholars here is the rough translation. Vera (Adj, f): true, proper, real., Doctrina (N, f): education, learning. Avium (N, n): pathless region, wilderness, untrodden, solitary, leading from the right (as opposed to invius; which is pathless or without direction). Latin is a complex language and this translation is certainly very close. It is far better than those given out by any of the online services. Thanks Mur.

Policy FAQ's

What's the Age Limit on the Courses?

The Boreal Wilderness Institute offers Adult Outdoor Education. Minimum Age is 16, Parental consent is required if 16 or 17. All Field Course require the attendance and participation of a Parent or Legal Guardian unless 18 years of age or older. On some courses mature 14 & 15 year old's may attend if accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian. Please contact our office for more information.

Do I require a Waiver & Medical Form on all Courses?

No; You are required to fill in and sign a Waiver and Medical Form only if you attend a field session or course. The Waiver must also be signed by a witness over the age of 18. Anyone below the age of 18 must have their Waiver signed by their Parent or Legal Guardian.

What's our Policy on Cancellation?

The Boreal Wilderness Institute reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any seminar or course. Student cancellations may be done by phone, e-mail, fax or letter. Refund requests must be submitted in writing.

Student Cancels with More than 10-days’ notice:

Full Refund less $25. A Credit can be applied in Full to a Future Scheduled Course within 1 Year of the Date of the Original Course. We recommend travel insurance.

Student Cancels with Less than 10-days’ notice:

No Refund but a Credit can be Applied to a Future Scheduled Course within 1 Year of the Date of the Original Course.

Student does Not Show Up, Withdraws or is Expelled from the Course:

No Refund. Under exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to offer a partial credit or refund on a per case basis.

Institute Cancels or Moves the Course before the Actual Course Date:

Full Refund less $25. A Credit can be Applied in Full to a Future Scheduled Course within 1 Year of Date. We recommend travel insurance.

Institute Cancels or Moves the Course for Safety Reasons or Reasons beyond our Control while Underway:

No Refund. Under exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to offer a partial credit or refund on a per case basis.

Equipment FAQ's

What Equipment is Required for Survival Courses?

No equipment is required for the Wilderness Survival Core Seminar. Each of the other survival courses is slightly different. Equipment lists are available for each field course: Winter Field Session, Summer Field Session, Winter Field Training, Spring Mountain Survival Course and the Fall Mountain Survival Course.

What Equipment is Required for Navigation Courses?

No equipment is required for the Wilderness Navigation Core Seminar except to dress for the weather as some of the course is conducted outside. If you own a GPS bring it along. Each of the other navigation courses is slightly different. Equipment lists are available for each field course: Navigation Field Session, Navigation Mountain Session, and the Complete Wilderness Navigation.