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"Thank you again Bruce for the wonderful course! You know those courses (whether online or in person), where someone is speaking and your mind just wonders or your head starts nodding — this wasn’t one of those! Very informative, all good and relevant information, and I loved all the personal comments, stories, real life examples, etc. that you throw in – it becomes an informative conversation vs a lecture." — SCS Participant
Critical Wilderness Survival Equipment Fire Lighting at a Survival Camp

The Survival Core Seminar is a Realistic Well-Researched Introduction to Modern Wilderness Survival. This Online Course provides the information you need to live comfortably when stranded in the Canadian Wilderness in winter or summer. This highly practical 2-Day online course is for anyone working or travelling through the wilderness. For maximum learning opportunities, the course is now taught over 2-day shorter days to ensure everyone can concentrate on the material and fully participate in question periods.

"…the Course was Excellent and the Instructor Very Knowledgeable." — SCS Participant
"I Like Learning the Practical Side of Survival i.e. Fire Making & Shelter Building Skills." — SCS Participant

Fire Lighting Demo & Critical Items

Practical techniques are emphasized in this course along with how-to mentally prepare yourself if you are stranded. Topics Include; Introduction to Survival, Physiology & Psychology, Clothing & Sleeping Bags, Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, Emergency Signals, Critical Equipment and Gear, Preparation & Learning from Others.

"It was very useful information and never boring. I will implement several of the ‘Survival Kits’ into my work & recreational pursuits." — SCS Participant
Winter Shelter Building Examples of Proper Survival Equipment
"The Knowledge and Energy of the Instructor. Real Life useful Tips." — SCS Participant

Worth the Time; Conducted in 2-Day's Online

The reality is that real training is Not Like Survival TV. Its something you can easily learn and master. This course is the basis of the Boreal Wilderness Institute's Wilderness Survival Programme. It is world-class training that provides the knowledge and confidence you need.

"A Very Good Detailed Overview without getting into the weeds in any area — Specifically Enjoyed the List of Critical Gear." — SCS Participant

The information in this course is practical and relevant. Its approach is appropriate to both the experienced and inexperienced. The SCS is well suited to field workers, paramedics and EMTs, GSAR volunteers, law enforcement personnel, environmental technicians or outdoor educators who spend any time travelling through or into the Canada Wilderness.