Learn Relevant Winter Survival Skills

"Outstanding Course. Should be Considered Mandatory for Anyone Spending Time in the Wild!" — WFS Participant
Survival Fire & Camp Single Supershelter built on Course
"I Would Recommend Anyone that Spends their Time in the Outdoors to take this" — WFS Participant

This 1-day course takes you beyond the Survival Core Seminar, emphasizing useful winter forest resources, fire lighting, shelter building, knifecraft, dealing with the winter forest, using proper survival tools and melting snow. You gain confidence in solid modern survival techniques that can be quickly anywhere in the Canadian wilderness. This training gives you the chance to develop and practice winter survival skills, it has a relaxed hands-on learning atmosphere. It will allow you an excellent look at the challenges of the Canadian wilderness in winter.

Fire Lighting & Shelter Building Training

Participants will have the opportunity to build a winter survival shelters and learn to properly use various survival tools. Firecraft practice will be extensive and emphasis will be on lighting fire with natural tinder and a flint striker. Participants will build a survival shelter. The Winter Field Session and the Summer Field Session are complementary courses, each with both new an emphasis on fire lighting.

"…talks about the task, then does the task, then gives you the time to complete the task…" — WFS Participant
Cooking over a Fire at Lunch Session Fire Lighting Kit
"It is a great way to learn how-to be safe when enjoying the Outdoors." — WFS Participant

Winter Field Session Skills


  • Safely using a Survival Knife
  • Basic Knife Handling

Survival Tools

  • Build and Use a Baton
  • Basic Notches
  • Useful Knots

Water Purification

  • Collecting and Melting Snow

Fire Lighting

  • Finding Natural Tinder's
  • Finding Natural Fire Lighting Aids
  • Lighting a Fire with a Striker
  • Survival Twig Bundles
  • Building a Survival Fire
  • Getting a Fire Started
  • Keeping a Fire Burning
  • Selection of Proper Wood
  • Cooking with a Survival Fire

Shelter Building

  • Winter Survival Shelters
  • Single Super Shelters
  • Building a Bough Bed
  • Building Winter Shelters

Boreal Forest

  • Trees of the Boreal Forest
  • Useful plants of the Winter Forest
  • Survival Camp Locations
  • Use and Identification of Aspect/Slope
  • Safe Travel through the Winter Forest
"Just wanted to say that I thought the course was great. It was packed full of useful information. My comfort level for survival in the winter has increased substantially. I would definitely be interested in taking another course in the future to improve my skills further." — WFS Participant