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Training in Fire Lighting & Shelter Building

"I liked the practical shelter building and twig bundle collecting…" — SFS Participant
Using a Striker to Light a Fire Summer Field Session Fire Lighting Kit
"I can't believe what I learned in one weekend." — SFS Participant

The Summer Field Session(SFS) takes you beyond the classroom and into the Canadian Wilderness. On this 1-Day course you will learn the essential survival techniques necessary to live comfortably in the forests or mountains of Canada. This course gives you the chance to practice summer survival skills in a relaxed hands-on learning atmosphere, giving you the chance to practice the wilderness survival skills discussed in the Survival Core Seminar (Prerequisite Course). Every participant receives a MoraKniv 511 Carbon Steel Survival Knife and a small Fire Lighting Kit.

"The sense of accomplishment in building a shelter…was so very good…" — SFS Participant

Practical Summer Survival Skills

During the Summer Field Session Fire Lighting practice will be extensive and emphasize will be on Lighting Fire with Natural Tinder and a Striker. Numerous skills and survival techniques will be taught throughout the course, including water purification and protection from insects. Participants will build an individual survival shelter. Participants will have the opportunity to build a Cooking Fire, use a Stick Burners, build various Survival Shelters, find, collect and Purify Water.

"Very Practical, Lots of Training, & Kept Busy." — SFS Participant
Stick Burner Improvised Lean-to Shelter in the Boreal Forest
"…this is an Excellent Course to begin Wilderness Studies" — SFS Participant

Wilderness Field Session Skills


  • Selecting a good Survival Knife
  • Basic Knife Handling

Survival Tools

  • Build & Use a Baton
  • Useful Knots

Water Purification

  • Finding & Collecting Water
  • Water Purification Methods

Fire Lighting

  • Finding Natural Tinder
  • Finding Natural Fire Lighting Aids
  • Fire Lighting with a Striker
  • Basic Twig Bundles
  • Getting a Fire Started
  • Keeping a Fire Burning
  • Selection of Proper Wood
  • Cooking with a Cooking Fire
  • Cooking with a Stick Burner

Shelter Building

  • Summer Survival Shelters
  • Improvised Shelters
  • Poncho Shelters
  • Build a Survival Shelter
  • Insect Resistant Summer Shelters

Boreal Forest

  • Trees of the Boreal Forest
  • Useful plants of the Summer Forest
  • Identification of Aspect / Slope
  • Survival Camp Locations
  • Individual Protection from Insects
"Fire Lighting & Shelter Building was Great, Thanks" — SFS Participant