Cold Weather Research

Cold Weather Equipment, Clothing, & Cold Injuries Research

"As protection against the weather of their various seasons, the Eskimos have developed on the whole better garments than probably any people in history."
— Vilhjalmur Stefansson (Arctic Manual, 1945)
Group Traveling in the Boreal Forest using Improvised Snowshoes Heavy Snow in a Winter Forested Hillside

Cold Weather Research Resources

There are numerous research centers and universities world wide studying cold weather survival and cold weather travel. Cold weather survival is closely tied into both clothing design, cold weather engineering, and the cold weather injury research. Any individual who wants to travel safely into the wilderness in cold weather should have a solid grasp on these subjects.

Cold Injury Information and Treatment Resources

Those who travel in the cold should have an excellent knowledge of cold weather injuries. Everyone should have a basis knowledge of cold weather injury prevention and any guide, instructor, or group leader a Wilderness First Aid Course.