Save your Life by Always being able to Light a Fire

Survival Kit on a String Layout

Why bother in the Northern Wilderness to carry a small survival kit, most are simply filled with junk and even the best lack proper fire lighting equipment. If you want to carry a small kit, why not carry a real quality Fire Lighting Kit with you. Carrying this kit means you can always light a fire in poor conditions. Being able to light a fire when stranded is critical to your survival in the cold northern forest. This is also the kit I take with me on longer trips as backup for extreme conditions and as spare items so I am never short and to restock my Survival Kit on a String

(1) Entire Kit Sealed in a Waterproof Bag

Entire Fire Lighting Kit in a sealed waterproof zipper bag. As well I place both the Tinder and the Matches in a second zipper bag to ensure some redundancy.

(2) Tinder

8 Pieces of Tinder (Cotton Balls, Wax, and Kerosene), in a small sealed zipper bag.

(3) Fire Lighting Aids

5 Pieces of Wax & Wood Chip Fire Lighting Aids.

(4) Candles

2 Tea Lights.

(5) Strike Anywhere Matches

25 Full Size Strike Anywhere Matches in a proper Waterproof Match Container, in a small sealed zipper bag.

(6) Spare March Striker

Sandpaper Match Striker mounted onto a thin sheet of plastic as a backup and placed facedown inside the small sealed zipper bag with the Matches.

(7) Lighter

A reliable Adjustable Pocket Lighter.

Why Bother to Carry this Small Kit?

A Kit this small has no choice but leave out useful items. There is a physical limit to how many things you can comfortably pack into this container. So yes, you can pack other items into it, play around with its contents, but this is what I figure will help me out the most, as both a backup and an emergency Fire Lighting Kit in its own right. Its worth carrying, so you are always able to Light a Fire.

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Chief Instructor of the Boreal Wilderness Institute