Knowledge Needed to Survive the Unexpected

"Powerful Presentation"
—Intro to Wilderness Survival Keynote Participant
Emphasising the Critical Items you need to Carry at a Speech in Grande Prairie Delivering the Speech to over 200 in Lloydminster

Yes, You can Live Comfortably through an Unexpected Wilderness Survival Situation. Bruce Zawalsky, author of Canadian Wilderness Survival, will engage your Staff, Company or Conference with his highly praised 1.5 hour Introduction to Wilderness Survival Keynote Presentation. Sit back and enjoy Bruce's unique perspective on Modern Wilderness Survival. Bruce is an Engaging Speaker who Emphasizes; Priorities of Wilderness Survival, Surviving a Survival Situation Comfortably, What Critical Survival Items you Need to Carry, & Getting Found. Don't miss out on this opportunity to answering the question "What if you had to Survive?"

"Thank You, I am going to rebuild my Survival Kit…"
—Intro to Wilderness Survival Keynote Participant