"Bruce knows his stuff! His professional background and extensive outdoor experience give Bruce the ability to give listeners a real solid understanding of survival basics … in CANADA"
Review of Canadian Outdoor Survival Podcast on iTunes
Bruce Zawalsky Speaking at Frostbite! 2018 and in Grande Prairie, AB and Lloydminster, SK

Bruce Zawalsky, Professional Outdoor Speaker

Bruce Zawalsky is a Highly Praised Author, Instructor, Speaker & Podcaster. He provides short, dynamic, and highly motivational; seminars, short speeches, and after-dinners speeches about many aspects of Modern Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Navigation, GPS in the Wilderness, Wildlife Awareness, Wilderness Travel, Outdoor Education & Expedition Canoe Travel. Presentation can Range in length from 15 minutes to 3 hours. This includes Bruce's highly praised 1.5 hour Introduction to Wilderness Survival Presentation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to answering the question "What if you had to Survive?".

“Bruce has a ton of experience and he has really paved inroads towards making a living as a survival instructor here in Alberta.”
—Frostbite! 2018 Keynote Speech

Bruce's mix of Compelling Stories, Humour, Facts, and Excellent Research makes for a Highly Educational Safety Oriented Seminar. As a Guest Speaker for your Organization Bruce will improve your Survival Knowledge and Awareness of how to Survive an Unforeseen Wilderness Survival Accident. Real Wilderness Survival Situations are not like TV, but they can be survived comfortably with a little critical knowledge and preparation.

We can arrange for Speeches during the Day, Evenings or Weekends as either a Session Speaker or Keynote Speech. Bruce would be happy to present an a Short aAfter-Dinner or Luncheon Speech. Isn’t it time for your organization to Really Learn the True Facts about Wilderness Survival? Don't miss out on this Opportunity to allow Your Conference, Organization, Group or Safety Meeting to answer the Question “What if you had to Survive?”

"Excellent Presentation"
—Intro to Wilderness Survival Keynote Participant