BWI’s Philosophy on Modern Survival Instruction

We Belief Survival Instruction will Help you through a Wilderness Survival Situations

Video Transcript

Hello, My Name is Bruce Zawalsky and I am Chief Instructor of the Boreal Wilderness Institute, a small Canadian Outdoor Education Company located in Edmonton, Alberta and I would to briefly talk to you about BWI’s Philosophy on Modern Survival Instruction.

It is our belief that mitigative survival instruction can help to eliminate most potentially life threatening survival situations. We strongly believe that properly run Modern Wilderness Survival Training Courses help to create a solid foundation for both Safe Wilderness Travel and Safety Programme’s for Field Workers. Training will reduce wilderness related accidents and make any survival situation faced in the wilderness shorter and less stressful.

Eventually if you travel or work in the wilderness you or one of your employees, friends or family will be involved in a wilderness survival situation; will you be prepared for that survival situation? Modern Wilderness Survival Courses are designed with this eventuality in mind. Take the first step and prepare yourself and those around you by investing in some quality modern wilderness survival instruction.

We base all of our courses on scientific facts, giving you potentially lifesaving instruction, and teaching you what Critical survival Items to carry with you into the wilderness. We believe in teaching you to use proper equipment and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. For us there is never a need to reduce you to a “Split Paper Match & Loin Cloth” that is just silly. We live in Canada, in a cold dry and often harsh environment.

Nature will eventually provide the test, so we work to build up and strengthen your skills and knowledge base, not break it down. It is our Goal that when that test comes it will not be your Final Test! If you are looking to get started or get your feet wet with a fun low stress survival course then come out on our Innovative 1-Day Classroom Seminar the “Survival Core Seminar.” Thank you and I hope to see you out on 1 of our many Survival Courses or Seminars

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Video by Bruce Zawalsky (28th October 2014)
Chief Instructor of the Boreal Wilderness Institute