It's a Simple 4-Step Process to Make Your Own Survival Tinder

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This year's when I made my supply of Tinder ⁄ Fire Lighting I took some pictures so everyone can see the process. This Tinder is made from Paraffin Wax, Kerosene, and Cotton Balls. I believe it is the Most Effective Manufactured Tinder ⁄ Firestarter that you can use. This year supply for myself and to run all my field survival courses cost about $5 of supplies and made 8 full Jars. It is also very cost effective. I have personally used this Tinder with a variety of Striker at temperatures well below -40°c and it works extremely well.

The 4-Steps are as follows. I simply melt the wax on a hot plate, pour in some Kerosene and then drop in Cotton Balls to absorb the mixture [1]. Mixture Ratio to Make the Tinder is .45Kg [1 lb.] of wax to 235 ml [1 Cup] of Kerosene. Ensure that you use Real Cotton Balls, i.e. cotton as the only ingredient. I use a pair of tongues to remove them from the hot plate and place them on a piece of newspaper [2]. Tinder takes a few minutes to cool and dry before placing them into a Jar [3]. If put in too early they will stick together. Making the Tinder should always be done outside.

The Tinder last about 3 years in the sealed jars and 6 mouths in a plastic bag before the Kerosene evaporates. They are also fully recyclable, if not used before the Kerosene evaporates they can be re-melted and the cotton and wax used again. I store the Tinder in glass bottles on the shelf [4], transferring them to small plastic bags when going into the woods.

Just a quick note for anyone who is preparing to go to the woods or those who are already well versed in Survival & Bushcraft. I carry Manufactured Tinder’s for the bad times and those when due to the environmental conditions and my energy level Natural Tinder is not available for collection. Yes I both teach people how to find and start numerous types of Natural Tinder’s, using a variety of types of Strikers. In the world of survival, you cannot cheat by carrying it, nor is losing an excepted option.

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