Vehicle Survival is Overlooked because many believe they are Simply Driving Thought Remote Wilderness Roads Not into the Wilderness. In this Fortress Mentality we hope we will never get stuck, instead of preparing for the eventuality of getting stuck travelling through the Wilderness.

Vehicle Driving Down a Poor Quality Wet Gravel Road, a Tough Road to Follow

Preparation for a Vehicle Survival Situation is different depending on where you travel. You need to consider if you can live in your vehicle or you will be required to abandon the vehicle do to fire or it being in an unsafe location. if we can it is normally better to stay with your vehicle, but not always.

What you pack into a Vehicle is very important to your Survival and Comfort. Let's looks at how we can better prepare ourselves for the Eventuality of a Vehicle Survival Situation.

How to Prepare for a Vehicle Survival Situation

Always carry the 15 Critical Item's, they may mean the difference between life and death. This is most vital when travelling into harsh remote environments where limited resources will be found near the road side. You must plan in advance to stay alive, regardless of the conditions in the environment you get stuck in. Remember it is not you carrying the gear, so err on the side of taking it along.

Chains and a good quality metal shovel should always be carried. Add additional clothing and equipment needed by the average number of passengers you carry. This is especially important for sleeping bags and mattresses. Pack a reflective vest, marker panel, flares, a large first aid kit, and vehicle repair equipment. Extra fuel is also a good idea, if stored properly. I also take along a bag of wood shaving and a bag of small kindling to make fire lighting in extremely bad conditions easy.

Keep your Survival Equipment in your Vehicle at all Times. Repack your gear twice a year to ensure it is always in working order. As some final suggestions take a defensive driving course, learn to repair your vehicle, and carry a good map of the area you are travelling in even if you have a GPS. If you Travel by Vehicle you will Eventually get Stuck and so you need to be Prepared to Survive.

Vehicle Survival Resources

Article by (, Updated 6th March 2016)
Chief Instructor of the Boreal Wilderness Institute