Learn Essential Car & Vehicle Survival

2022 Dates Available
"Excellent Course. Very Informative & Entertaining" —Vehicle Survival Seminar (VSS) Participant
2 ATV's Stopped on a Cutline in Winter End of a Wilderness Service Road

Vehicle Survival is overlooked by many who believe they are Driving on Remote Wilderness Roads, not into the Wilderness. This Fortress Mentality relies solely on us never getting stuck, instead of preparing for that eventuality. You can Live Comfortably Through an Unexpected Vehicle Survival Situation if you are Prepared and Properly Equipped. This Instructor-led Seminar Emphasizes; Priorities of Wilderness Survival, Dressing for the Cold, Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, Critical Survival Items, Surviving Comfortably in a Vehicle and Getting Found Quickly.

Avoid Mistakes in a Vehicle Survival Situation

Preparation for a Vehicle Survival Situation is different depending on where and in what conditions you drive your Vehicle in your travels or through work. Proper Equipment Choices make a difference in smaller vehicles like Quads and Snowmobiles than it does in a large car or vehicle, where you can throw in a Duffel Bag of Survival Gear. What you Pack into a Vehicle is very important to your Survival and Comfort when you become trapped. This Course is Designed to Teach You to Dress Properly while better preparing yourself for a Vehicle Survival Situation. If you Travel into remote locations by car or vehicle, you will Eventually Get Stuck. Survive Comfortably by taking this training.