"Excellent Knowledge to be Gained if you Work in Remote Areas & Have a Chance of Being Stuck"
— Participant from a Customized Winter Survival Course [Taught at N58°]
Survival Fire Burning on a Custom Training Course

Survival Safety Training for Fieldworkers

BWI offers a Range of Customized Survival Courses Specializing in Providing Field Workers with Practical Common Sense Safety Training in the field, classroom and online. We regularly teach Courses for Corporations, Agencies, Groups & Individuals. BWI Provides Modern Wilderness Survival Courses throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, & Northern Canada.

BWI offers custom course between 1.5 hours and 5-Days. Your company or organization deserves training that reduces the length that you or your staff are stranded and ensures comfortable living while stranded. We offer excellent group discounts for training sessions, ensuring you training dollars go farther. Don’t sell your organization short by excepting poorly trained local instructors and ad hoc presentations, take World Class survival training from BWI.

Survival Courses & Seminars

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