Professional Aircraft Survival

"…it covered all the bases that I wanted to learn." — Seminar Participant

BWI's Aviation Survival Seminar is a Specialized response to the wilderness survival needs of pilots, aircrew, and passengers who travel into remote areas of Canada's Wilderness. Whether you are a member of the aviation industry or a field worker using aircraft on a regular basis this training can be a lifesaver. This Aviation Survival Course is a Professionally Taught, Well-Researched, and properly documented Introduction to Modern Aviation Survival. It provides the Information needed to survive in the Canadian Wilderness after an aviation accident.

"Kept everyone's attention...covered excellent material. Great course!" — Seminar Participant
Helicopter Stopped at High Elevation Shelter Building in Winter
"Course Reflects Reality, actually something I could work with." — Seminar Participant

Aviation Survival Seminar Topics

This modern survival course covers survival physiology, survival psychology, clothing & sleeping bags, fire lighting, shelter building, emergency signals, aviation survival equipment, and pre-flight preparation. Transport Canada regulation will be discussed and analyzed. The Aviation Survival Seminar concentrates on teaching you to Survive a 1-4 day long survival situation by providing practical knowledge and excellent equipment recommendations. We will recommend clothing and equipment that will help you survive an air crash and its aftermath.

"I enjoyed starting from known facts — principles of basic physics and dispelling myths. " — Seminar Participant

After you Hit the Ground;
Survival is the Same for Everyone

The Seminar deals with how to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Surviving in the Wilderness after an Air Crash or Forced Landing along with how to handle your passengers during this crisis. Lets face it; once you are on the ground you are in the same position as every other person. How you have Prepared, and What you Know about Wilderness Survival is what will Save Your Life on the Ground. We will discuss and analysis typical aviation and none-aviation survival episodes. The Canadian Search and Rescue System will also be discussed.

"…real life stories and personal stories of what works and what doesn't." — Seminar Participant

Survive on the Ground After an Aviation Accident

The Aviation Survival Seminar is highlighted with equipment displays cross referenced with Transport Canada regulations for required survival equipment in all regions of Canada. This course is based on Survival Core Seminar and is given equivalency for the BWI's Survival Certificate. The next step is to take the either the Summer Field Session or the Winter Field Session.

"Very Dynamic Speaker — Entertaining & Highly Knowledgeable." — Seminar Participant