Aircraft Survival for Pilots and Flight Crew

2022 Dates Available
"…it covered all the bases that I wanted to learn." — Seminar Participant

The Aviation Survival Seminar is a Specialized response to the wilderness survival needs of pilots and flight crew who travel into remote areas of North America. This training is the essential knowledge you need. It can be taken either online or in the classroom in 3-hours. This aviation survival course is professionally taught, well-researched and provides essential survival knowledge. You receive the information needed to survive on the ground in the remote areas of North America after an aviation emergency strands you.

"Kept everyone's attention...covered excellent material. Great course!" — Seminar Participant
Helicopter Stopped at High Elevation Supplemental Aviation Survival Gear
"Course Reflects Reality, actually something I could work with." — Seminar Participant

After you Hit the Ground;
Survival is the Same for Everyone

The Seminar deals with how to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Surviving in the Wilderness after an Air Crash or Forced Landing. Let's face it; once you are on the ground, you are in the same position as every other survivor. How you prepared and what knowledge you have about Wilderness Survival is what will save your life on the ground. We will end the course with a discussion and analysis of a typical aviation survival senario.

Aviation Safe Fire Kit Parachute Shelter in Winter
"Very Dynamic Speaker — Entertaining & Highly Knowledgeable." — Seminar Participant