Get the GPS Training you need to harness your GPS Receiver

"Practical Hands on Course." —Intro to GPS Participant

This is the GPS seminar if you want basic GPS Training or if you are thinking of buying a GPS Receiver. Find out at this seminar if you need a GPS Receiver and learn how to use and harness this wilderness navigation technology. If you want to see the wilder corners of the world a GPS receiver will help you in your quest. Emphasis during this GPS course will be placed on GARMIN™ GPS Receivers.

GPS Use GPS Navigation
"Precise and Clear Presentation." —Intro to GPS Participant

Professional GPS Training in 1-Evening

Do you understand GPS technology and what it can and can't do for you? This GPS training seminar will introduce you to the Global Positioning System and show you how it can work for you. We will cover setting a GPS Unit, basic map interpretation, UTM & MGRS grid, Latitude & Longitude, and GPS Navigation.

"Very informative and well paced." —Intro to GPS Participant