Learn GSAR Tracking

"Neil is a great instructor with a real depth of Tracking Knowledge"
— Level 1 Tracking Class Participant

This 3-Day Instructor-led Ground Search & Rescue Tracking Course is run by NORTRACK Tactical Tracking in conjunction with BWI and is led by Neil, NORTRACK's Lead Instructor.The GSAR Tracking Course topics covered include; Lost Person Behavior, Observation Techniques, Ground Sign Awareness, Pace Tracking and Track line Reporting. Each day in the classroom will be broken up with short field exercises. Neil has taught SAR Tracking courses in Canada, the USA and New Zealand. His curriculum is second to none, his depth of knowledge and experience gained worldwide make him an exceptional instructor. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn or add to your knowledge on this important GSAR skill.

DAY 1 Classroom: Introduction, Theory, & Observation Exercises.
DAY 2 Classroom: Lectures, Observation Exercises & Pace Tracking.
DAY 3 Field: Conduct Short Track Exercises & Observation Exercises.