2024 Available WAS Dates

Learn about Wildlife Threats & Deterrents

"Engaging Instructor, Good Visuals, & Interesting Subject"
—Wildlife Awareness Seminar (WAS) Participant
Grizzly Bear, Wildlife Threat Bighorn Sheep, Possible Wildlife Threat

This Instructor-led 3.5 Hour Course Teaches Safe Wilderness Travel, Bear Awareness Strategies & Tactics to Help Survive a Wildlife Encounter. Bear Awareness is an important part of all Wildlife Awareness Courses, but not the only aspect. Don't sell yourself short by taking only a Bear Awareness Course.

"The Most Valuable part was Learning the Dangers of all the Different Animals"
—Wildlife Awareness Seminar Participant
"I am now Better Prepared to enjoy my Camping & Hunting Trips"
—Wildlife Awareness Seminar Participant

Avoid Deadly Bear & Wildlife Encounters

This course makes you or your staff aware of common wildlife threats and more respectful of the wildlife in the Canadian Wilderness. We identify predator species, other wildlife threats and teach you how to mitigate wildlife interactions. We study coexistence and avoidance strategies for various types of Wildlife including Polar, Grizzly & Black Bears, Cougars, Wolves, Coyotes, Wolverines, Ungulates, Wild Boars, Feral Pigs, Rodents, Scavenger Birds, Bats, Snakes and Insects.

We study the Safe Use of Wildlife Deterrents including Bear Spray & Bear Bangers. Teaching both how to reduce deadly encounters and reducing the destruction of wildlife. Safe Practices for both expected and unexpected Overnight Stays in the Wilderness are studied. Learn to Travel and Work Safely in the Wilderness in this Highly Education Safety Oriented Seminar.

"Excellent Instructor, Very Knowledgable and Enthusiastic"
—Wildlife Awareness Seminar Participant