Arctic & Antarctic Research

Northern Research, Sub-Arctic & Arctic Survival Training

"...the History of that Branch of Exploration, whose goal has been the eternal splendour of its own, not only with lustre of the white snow-fields and strange celestial signs of the Arctic Region, but also with that of true and Untainted Idealism."
— Roald Amundsen (The North West Passage)
Flying into Canada’s Arctic, our last true wilderness Arctic Icepack

Arctic & Antarctic Resources

Arctic and Antarctic Research is Fundamental to Cold Weather Travel Research. The Arctic is a harsh survival environment requiring thorough research, planning, preparation, and practice to master the art of survival. High winds, cold temperatures, and low humidity are just some of the challenges of living and surviving in this harsh, barren, and desolate environment. It is also a land that one quickly falls in love with once there and that one is pulled back to again and again.

Arctic & Antarctic Explorer Articles

An excellent knowledge of both the history and personalities of the major arctic and antarctic explorers is of great importance to those who may wish to follow these explorers and wilderness travellers north or south.

Arctic & Sub-Arctic Survival Training Schools

Only a few organizations are willing and ready to teach in the arctic and sub-arctic in winter or even summer. Arctic survival is intense, hard, and very rewarding.