"I enjoyed the in-person Presentation, with lots of Good Information…"
— Participant from a Wildlife Awareness Seminar
Panorama Photograph of BWI's Classroom in Edmonton

Wildlife & Bear Awareness Training

BWI Teaches 100's of Field Workers and Outdoor Enthusiasts Wildlife & Bear Awareness Training each Year. These training courses are designed to help prevent fatal bear/human and human/wildlife encounters. Both our seminars include instruction in the use of Bear Spray. Bear Awareness is an Important Part of all Wildlife Awareness Courses, but not the only aspect.

Its time for everyone in your company that works or travels into the wilderness to take a Professional Instructor-led Wildlife Awareness Seminar (WAS), is just 3.5-Hours, Cost Effective, and the Certification lasts 4-Years. Our Bear Safety Training (BST), is more specialized than our WAS, it is 3.5-hours in Length and includes a Practical Session Firing Inert Bear Spray. We would be happy to travel out to your location to teach either of our seminar or conduct it at our Classroom in Edmonton. Remember Wildlife Safety Training Saves Lives.

Wildlife Safety Training

Outdoor Education & Instructor Development Programme

"Practical Knowledge of the Trainer & Real Examples & Training Aids"
— Participant from a Customized Wilderness Survival Core Seminar

BWI Provides a Variety of Custom Training Sessions including: Private Instructional Seminars, Half-Day Seminars, & 1 to 5 Day Courses. We offer an Wilderness Instructor Development Programme which can be specifically tailored to your needs and experience level.

Specialized Outdoor Education Courses

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