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Best Navigation Training Available

"Skills gained gave me the confidence to go out to the backcountry alone…" — CWNC Graduate
Group Map and Compass Training Following a Compass Bearing
"…the skills taught progressively take you from knowing next to nothing to being confidant in wilderness navigation." — CWNC Graduate

The Complete Wilderness Navigation Course (CWNC) allows you to Learn World Class Hands-on Wilderness Route Finding in the forests and mountains of the Canadian Wilderness. This is a one-of-a-kind 5-day long professionally taught wilderness navigation course. If you are or are hoping to spend time anywhere in the world as a backcountry traveller or adventure racer, are an inspiring wilderness guide, wilderness instructor or outdoor educator or have aspirations to become an effective GSAR Volunteer, then this is the professional wilderness navigation training you need to take.

"Being in the mountains, Navigating with all the tools, the Night Navigation!" — CWN Graduate

BWI Keeps Classes Small, so no more than 6 Participants, meaning that you will have the time and instructional help to learn and master wilderness navigation correctly. This will allow you to master wilderness route finding quickly and easily. During the CWNC expect to learn constantly and become a confident wilderness navigator. Participants will earn BWI's Navigation Certificate upon successful completion. Bruce Zawalsky will be the principal instructor for this course, ensuring a high level of professional instruction throughout.

Hands-on Map and Compass Skills

"No bullshit, straight goods – Practicality was quintessential!" — CWN Graduate

The Complete Wilderness Navigation Course is a hands-on land navigation course that teaches Topographical Map & Air photo interpretation, Magnetic Compass, GPS Receiver, Pace Bead & Altimeter Use. The course covers Contour Interpretation, Route Planning, Wilderness Travel Skills, Latitude & Longitude, MGRS & UTM Grid References. We take the time to learn Map & Compass skills including Magnetic Declination, Inclination, Bearings, Back-bearings, Orienting Maps & Air Photos, Pacing and Resections.

Learning to use a Compass Map Reading Training in the Mountains
"Skills learned from the course already helped during an ocean kayak trip. Could not have done it without them." — CWNC Graduate

Emphasized throughout the CWNC are Wilderness Route Finding, Learning Topographical Interpretation and Developing Safe Wilderness Travel Skills. We also cover GPS Programming, GPS Map Integration, Altimeters use, Clinometers use, Night Navigation Techniques and practical real-world Natural Navigation techniques in the field.

Progressive Wilderness Route Finding

"Take the Courses all at once." — CWNC Graduate
Practicing a Resection with a Compass Map Reading Exercise in the Mountains

Due to the innovative syllabus and small class size, it is perfect for those new to the subject of wilderness navigation along with those with experience who are hoping to raise their level of training. The CWNC provides the right mix of in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice you need. This course covers the entire content of BWI’s other three main land Navigation Courses, the Navigation Core Seminar, Navigation Field Session and the Navigation Mountain Session.

"Loved the Courses…" — CWNC Graduate

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