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"My comfort depends on what I can do for myself and how much I know about using the bush materials around me."
— Mors Kochanski
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Primitive Survival Techniques Resources

Primitive Living, Bushcraft and Primitive Survival Techniques are often mixed together by many potential survival students. All three areas of study are different. Primitive Living is nearly impossible to practice in North America as it would involve total emersion in the wilderness and no use of any modern technology. Many Primitive Survival Techniques are great fun to learn and some like Bow Drilling or Flint Napping have use in survival situations in some environments.

Notable Bushcraft Gatherings

Gatherings are a great way to practical survival training and skills while meeting many of the Instructors of Survival, Bushcraft, and Primitive Technology together in one place along with many greatly skilled enthusiasts. These Gathering are often called Primitive Living Skills Conferences or Symposiums.

Notable Bushcraft & Primitive Survival Techniques Schools

Bushcraft which is really a combination of Modern Wilderness Survival and useful Primitive Survival Techniques is what most survival schools teach. Although many often have extra courses designed to teach specific skills. It is these skill courses that will allow you to get the most out of your Primitive Survival Techniques education and they are best balanced by a good core of practical survival training and skills.

Primitive Technology Forums and Blog's

The internet is continually bringing more and more interested people together to share, learn, and practice traditional skills.