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Practical Hands-on Winter Survival Course

"Practical, effective, hands-on learning. Likely the best Outdoor related purchase I've ever made." — WFT Graduate
Supershelter survival Camp at Sundown Single Super Shelter
"Course was a wonderful learning experience with knowledgeable instructors, which allowed lots of time to actually practice the skills we were learning." — WFT Graduate

Winter Field Training (WFT) allows you a chance to practice Advanced Wilderness Survival Skills and discover the resources of the Winter Forest. This Modern Wilderness Survival Course allows you to continue beyond the Winter Field Session. Emphasis on will be on Building Survival Skills, Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, & Tool Building. Each Night will be spent in a different Survival Shelter.

"Winter Survival Course was definitely worth the time and money to take. It is, however, very specialized. For this reason, the information and skills taught are probably the best available for survival in the boreal forest…" — WFT Graduate
Building a Survival Shelter Building a Quinchee

Professional Winter Survival Training

"Instructor is great, very good way to take the skills learned and apply them." — WFT Graduate

Training includes shelter materials, snowshoes, and group safety equipment. Participants are responsible for basic camping gear, clothing, and all meals. This programme links together with the Survival Core Seminar and the Winter Field Session for a Complete 5-Day Winter Survival Programme which runs twice each year. Participants will earn BWI's Survival Certificate on successful completion of this course.

Winter Field Training Skills


  • Advanced Use of Baton
  • Splitting Wood w/ a Survival Knife

Survival Tools

  • Safe Falling of Trees
  • 15 Minute Snowshoes

Fire Lighting

  • Using Artificial and Natural Tinder
  • Advanced Use of Strikers
  • Lighting a No-Evergreen Fire
  • Fire Sticks
  • Finding and Cutting Wood
  • Wall-Backed Fire
  • Double Parallel Fire
  • Star Fire & Crosswood Fire
  • Cooking Cranes Construction

Shelter Building

  • Selection of Winter Survival Shelters
  • Super Shelter
  • Tripod Lean-to
  • Survival Lean-to
  • Quinche Building (Snow Permitting)
  • Build a Bough Bed
  • Winter Camping Techniques
"I had a great time hiking though the winter woods and building structures and tools with minimal equipment. It is a course worth taking just for the fun of the activity. I would Highly Recommend it to Anyone who can Enjoy the Outdoors without a Feather Mattress." — WFT Graduate

Winter Field Training Fine Print

"Very Enjoyable Course, well set up." — WFT Graduate